Christmas Free Stuff

Welcome to Christmas Free Stuff! We have searched the web for some of the top Christmas Freebies. We have organized them into several categories for you to browse. If you know of a great Christmas free stuff item please send it in to us and we will review it for listing. Please get started by browsing our Christmas freebie categories below.

New Christmas Free Stuff

Watch as the snowmen have fun in the snow. Music Frosty the Snowmen Merry Christmas hope you enjoy the screen saver JEANIE

Cherish This Christmas
Cherish this Christmas and every Christmas, every day throughout the year, may we believe in peace and goodwill, may we be true and sincere. Blinking lights and falling snow in this animated screensaver. Matching desktop theme, wallpaper, XP bootscreen and Winamp skin available. Christmas is a time of joy and giving, something we must always cherish, the peace and happiness of the season, must never ever perish.

Tweety and Sylvester having fun in the snow with friends and at home getting ready for Santa. Thanks to Clair from Malta for the pictures. Music Its begining to Look Alot like Christmas. Hope you enjoy JEANIE

Candy Cane Lit Wreaths
Red bowed, ornaments, christmas lit up candy cane wreaths are movin all over the computer screen. Transparent screensaver with mutable music. Hope ya like it!

Oh Christmas Tree
Such beautiful christmas trees blinking moving all over the computer screen. Transparent screensaver with mutable christmas music. Hope ya like it!

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Greeting Cards

Write Santa a letter

We invite you and your child to send an email message to Santa. You will get a personal reply from Santa very quickly!